Make a Cover Trundle Bunk Bed

Trundle Bunk Bed Ideas

Trundle bunk bed – A trundle bunk bed is a space saver, but a standard quilt will drag on the floor when used in a trundle bunk bed. Excess length can be caught in the wheels when the nest under the bed, ripping the fabric and damage the wheel is pressed. Turn a standard padded quilt in a covered nest shortening and adding corner cabinets. The spread will have a clean look when pushed under the bed.

Cover trundle bunk bed, Measure the length, width and depth of the nest mattress. Calculate the length of the cover by adding depth to the length of the mattress and adding an inch.  Calculate the width of the spread by adding the width of the mattress plus twice the depth and two additional inches. Cut the quilt this width. Center of the quilt, the wrong side up, on the mattress with the top yet finished with the top edge of the mattress and the sides hanging down evenly.

Smooth the sides and bottom of the quilt up to the corners for a triangular fin excels in each of the bottom corners.  Remove the quilt and sew along the line of pins to make a nest in corner equipped computer. Remove the pins as you sew. Trim excess fabric at the corners, leaving a seam allowance 1/2-inch. Sew seam along the edges of the cover on both sides and ends. Turn the cover right side out and place it in the trundle bunk bed.

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