Maintenance and Personalization Tabletop Fountains

tabletop fountains pict


Tabletop fountains –¬†Water replenished, as needed, to maintain the level above the pump at all times. Water levels are reduced due to evaporation and splashing. Running the pump, even momentarily, when not submerged can permanently damage because water is needed to cool the engine. Do not add anything to the source tabletop fountains¬†which can interfere with the operation of the pump, including sand, washed gravel or rocks and soil. Do not block the air intake of water from the pump.


The top is the star of the source tabletop fountains. Choose the right font to create this factor “wow!” everyone is looking for. Use trial and error to find the best setup. Fortunately, “what is right” is entirely a matter of your personal taste. Try to stack tiles slate broken in a staggered pattern. Directs the tube so that water falling on the tile and drain back into the container. Another option is to cover the surface with river rocks or marbles. Keep separated from the main water source, placing it in a small glass vase or plant. Try different configurations. Avoid direct spray near the edge of the bowl, as this will cause the water to splash out of the container.

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