Luxurious Minky Fabric Plush Throw Blanket

Model Fabric Plush Throw Blanket

The soft feel and luxurious minky fabric makes it a preferred option for sewing blankets for babies, but babies are not the only ones who will appreciate the rich texture of minky. Create a plush throw blanket minky colors to match your decor to add a decorative touch to your living room. Minky throw blankets also make thoughtful and useful gifts. With a wide variety of colors and patterns available, you are sure to find the web for everyone on your gift list.

Put the minky plane on a table or on the floor with the side of plush fabric facing up. Place plush throw blanket directly on the minky with the right side down. The right ends of the two pieces of fabric should be facing each other. Align the edges of the two pieces of fabric as straight as possible. Use scissors to even the edges of the fabric. Place pins perpendicular to the edge of the fabric along all four edges of the fabric. You must place a pin every 1 1/2 inch to prevent slipping minky fabric.

Place the pieces of fabric covered with sewing machine. Use a medium long and straight stitch a seam allowance 1/4-inch to sew around the edges of the blanket. Remove the straight pin as meet and leave an opening 12 inches along one edge of the blanket. Cut the thread and remove the fabric from the machine. Turn right plush throw blanket through the opening 12 inches. Fold the raw edges of the opening and use of the same medium long straight stitch up stitch the opening closed. Continue stitching along the entire perimeter of the blanket of fire. Cut the thread and remove the plush throw blanket of the machine.

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