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September 8, 2019 Chimney Flashing

Let’s Upgrade the Chimney Cricket Flashing

Chimney cricket flashing – To do this project, starting with locate the cricket between the chimney wall and the sloping roof part to the ridge behind it (“behind” the chimney). You will find one of three things: a sharp triangle tilted like a small roof and covered with metal roof tiles or flashing (a full cricket), a wrinkled strip of flickering that runs behind the chimney and the angles down in both Sides around the chimney for one or two inches (a partial cricket), or nothing.

Use plywood and screws to build a chimney cricket flashing in case you found anything and dwell in anything but a desert climate. Unless your roof is essentially dry all year round, you are in danger of roof damage, chimney damage and water damage inside the home. It cuts two triangles of plywood that abuts against the chimney and the ceiling. So, forming a sharp triangle behind the chimney. If your existing cricket shows signs of deterioration, start by replacing the plywood structure, and not simply covering it.

Cover the chimney cricket flashing with the bitumen membrane and tiles. Or with pieces of blinking material. Membrane is hidden under the flashing stage, the tiles are applied. Flashing step also precedes covering the cricket with more metal flashings. So that additional layers of flashing cover the steps. In any case, treat a cricket as a garret, ensuring the intermittent step. Then fight the flashing to ensure a waterproof seal. Use mastic or mastic as you would in an attic.

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