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August 9, 2019 Chimney Fire

Law Outdoor Fire Chimney in Ohio for Deck

Open burning fire chimney for deck; Ohio Environmental Protection Agency defines open burning as an outdoor brand that”not airing a chimney or stack.” Fuels include wood, charcoal, leaves and debris. Ohio EPA does not necessarily have to be notified if you have a small campfire in your backyard. But a fire, for example, may require a permit. Depending on the location, dimensions and materials burned. Local regulations may also play a part of what you are allowed to burn and where it can take place.

Ohio law does not require the use of commercial chimneys for outdoor burning. But some areas of the nation require permits. If you use an outdoor fireplace, barbecue pit or fire ring, contact your local government for firing rules.

Open burning of treated and diseased timber releases vapors and allergens in the air – some might be toxic. Many local governments in Ohio refer to the Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines on open burning in outdoor fire chimney for deck, fireplaces and rings. Clean, dry wood. Resident of municipalities that permit the burning of brush, leaves and tree trimmings must contact EPA in advance.

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