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February 28, 2020 Flowering Ideas

Large Outdoor Flower Pots

Moving Ease

A large outdoor flower pots filled with quality potting soil is heavy and difficult to move around, especially if you use terracotta or ceramic planters. Even putting pots on saucers with wheels cannot allow some gardeners to move these gravel-filled pots, and you can find just rotating container for even light exposure is almost impossible, depending on the size. By eliminating one-half or more of that dirt, cutting the weight considerably, so that the pots easier to move when necessary.

Soil Expense

Large outdoor flower pots – Plastic bottles can use for the bottom of the large outdoor flower pots. Container gardening is an option for men and women who live in apartments or other confined spaces. Raised containers are also convenient for those who are kneeling and stooping difficult. Fill large pots with soil can be expensive, and the big pots are heavy when filled with dirt. Partially fill the pots with plastic bottles addresses these concerns, while adding an additional type of”green” to your garden.

By filling the bottom of the pot with old plastic soda bottles, you are able to spend significantly less potting soil than you would otherwise. Depending on the plants you grow, you can fill the large outdoor flower pots half to two-thirds with capped soda bottles, water bottles or other containers of similar size. In addition, because using less land, lower the risk of spreading plant diseases found in unsterilized soil, and you may have less plant food or fertilizer, as less will be lost to the soil itself.

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