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October 22, 2019 Garden Landscaping

Japanese Garden Landscaping Ideas

Japanese garden landscaping – Japanese gardens are a combination of various elements: sand, water, rocks, plants and ornaments as lanterns, bamboo fencing and water basins. Three basic design principles tend to be followed, known as the reduced scale, borrowed display and symbolization. In a reduced scale design, gardens recreate views of the mountains and rivers in miniature, using gravel, sand and stone. Borrowed view existing scenery and plants to improve the garden. All Japanese garden designs incorporate symbolism: for example, raked sand symbolizes rivers, and collections of rocks and cliffs mimic islands.

Housing is a key design element in every Japanese garden landscaping. This is based on the desire to create a true oasis and protect the garden from the outside world. It involves the use of fences, gates or walls. In addition to being functional, these structures take on a much deeper symbolic significance, and encourage users in the garden to seek solace from the rest of the world, leaving all worries and troubles outside.

Another idea behind the fence is”conceal and reveal.” A solid wall can be built with only a small window that allows passersby a peek into the garden behind. There could be other screens or enclosures erected in the japanese garden landscaping itself, hiding certain features and encourage visitors to explore all areas of the garden until they really have a sense of it.

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