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January 12, 2020 Planter Box Ideas

Inventive Garden Planter Boxes Ideas

Garden planter boxes ideas – Gardening in small or large planter boxes add a decorative element to your outdoor space, and to create a protected area for growing vegetables and flowers. You may want to buy ready-made planter boxes at a home improvement store, or build a wooden rectangular or square box itself. Use either flowers, herbs or vegetables in your planter garden or, for variety and texture, a little of everything.

Almost anything that can be grown in ground can live in a planter box, but box should be large enough to contain root system. For window profiles planters, look for drought-resistant, sturdy flowers that will last through season. Garden planter boxes ideas can be made from many types of wood, plaster, cement, plastics and ceramics. An inventive idea: Make two wooden rectangular planter boxes and fill with your favorite flowers.

Can be useful in winter, when ground can freeze. Consider varieties of cabbage and kale, which comes in colors like purple, green, white and creamy yellow. Fill corners with ivy. Do not forget delicate forget-me-nots and festive poinsettias.

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