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February 23, 2020 Garage Storage

Installing Garage Ceiling Storage

Garage Ceiling Storage – Installing garage storage is a excellent way to add more storage space to your house and not have to worry about tripping over objects or else they possibly become wet at a flooded garage or cellar. It takes just an afternoon and a couple of tools and you can be on your way to having garage roof storage which makes your garage more tidy and organized.

Look for the arrangement in the roof of the garage in which you want to hang on the garage ceiling storage above. Make certain you have plenty of space for storage and you won’t be affected by the garage door or a vehicle you park at the garage. When you’ve got a finished garage roof then that you need to use a stud locator to find the structural beams. Mark the borders of these beams with a pen with reference. Mark screws with a pen on the beam up the shelf and the location of these mounts.

Drill a pilot hole. Based upon the size of this garage ceiling storage there may be one or mounting brackets to install on each roof beam.

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