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October 2, 2019 Basement

Install Vinyl for Your Basement Flooring

Basement flooring – Vinyl flooring is easily cleaned and is one of the cheapest flooring materials available. Prepare the basement flooring surface, removing any remaining dust or debris. Use a quality broom to enter the cracks in the concrete floor substrate. Remove any oil or chemical stains before continuing. Measure any apparatus or counters before adding any subfloor. Uneven concrete or existing wood floors require a layer of support sheet to level the surface.

Seal all areas of the leak floor substrate. Use a concrete sealer in these areas. And then measure and cut the vinyl floor with measurements from the basement flooring. A box cutter knife or vinyl cutter is best for precise cuts. Then use a rule to create even lines.

Apply the vinyl adhesive to the floor of the basement floor. This material applied with a spatula on the surface of the soil. A complete dispersion method covers the entire surface of the soil. A perimeter adhered method only extends the adhesive to the edges of the basement flooring and at the seams. Some prefer a vinyl floor that is floating in place with no adhesive at all. And Consult a professional flooring installer if the substrate needs major adaptation. Ask a friend to help with the placement of vinyl flooring.

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