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September 4, 2019 Closet Ideas

IKEA Closet Systems Installing Using Tracks

IKEA closet systems have revolutionized the installation at home for the modern DIY. What was once just the realm of teacher professional carpenter and cabinets can now be performed by beginners on with patience and a phone to dial the finish support. With the suspension rail IKEA closet systems, it’s easy to place custom cabinets for universal track. This easy setup provides greater capacity and speed up the installation process only requires the installation of the tracks on the studs instead of having to align each individual cabinet.

Locate the wall studs to the IKEA closet systems installed. Mark both edges of each stud with pencil and use the rod to transfer markings from top to bottom. Locate the holes drilled in the back of IKEA cabinets. Hold the suspension rail to the wall detected at roughly the level that you want the cabinets to be, considering the position of the suspension rail in the cabinet and the way it affects the final position.

Slide the suspension rail personalized bolts down the lane and organize so that a bolt passes through each hole in the first cabinet. Inspect the cabinets to ensure that they are installed evenly. Rearrange depending on what adjustments must be made.

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