Ideas Hanging Porch Light Fixtures

Turn the circuit breaker to the outside hanging porch light fixtures. Test the light in the switch to make sure the power is off. Remove the thumb screws which secure the cover to the light fixture. Unscrew the light bulb and Set the lamp and its cover out of the way. Remove the screws secure the luminary to wall or post with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the fixture from the wall enough that it is possible to access the cables.

Hanging porch light fixtures – Porch and patio lights do not have to be an unattractive fixture of your entryway. Many new fixtures not only provide light but also add to the curb appeal of your dwelling. Hanging a light fixture is simply a matter of removing the old porch light and installs a new, more decorative one. Luminaries available at hardware stores and lighting centers.

Pull the plastic wire caps secure house wiring to the hanging porch light fixtures. Enter the old fixture out of the way. You may want to install a bracket plate of the junction box for your new fixture. Place the mounting plate of the junction box and secure the plate to the wall with the supplied mounting screws. Pull ends of the housing leads through the center of the mounting plate. Strip off 1 inch of insulation from the ends house wires with wire strippers. Using wire strippers to remove 1 inch of insulation from the ends of the wires to the new fixture.

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