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November 25, 2019 Furnitures

How to Wall Mounted Drying Rack Dishes

Wall mounted drying rack – Simple storage design ideas can be easily to get. A better home and living with creative store is indeed what everyone wants. When you have a dishwasher, dish rack can be used to hold the plates and allowed to dry. In Europe, it is popular to attach these shelves directly above the sink, as this allows the water to drain into the sink without the need for a towel rack below.


Measure the width of your dish rack. Use a pencil to draw a straight line where you want to place the dish rack. This will help you align the pilot holes when you’re drilling.

Hold the wall mounted drying rack drying against this line, and use the pencil to mark points on the line where the grid has holes for screws. Drill at the marked points, creating holes for anchors the shelf.

Use a hammer to tap the anchors into the wall. Introduce them until they are flush with the wall. Align the holes in the rack of drying with the anchors.

Insert long screws through the holes in the rack on the wall plates. Use a screwdriver or electric drill to tighten. Be sure do wall mounted drying rack to tighten until the end to open the anchors into the wall, preventing the shelf from falling.

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