How to Upholstered Daybed

Cheap upholstered daybed

An easy and relatively inexpensive way to brighten up a set of daybed and create a whole new looks fashion. So easy you can do without much effort and rotate multiple decks daybed decor as the seasons change. Here is a simple method to make an upholstered daybed mattress cover that will work with any divan.

Upholstered daybed

  1. Measure the dimensions of the cushion of the daybed. Measured twice to ensure accuracy. The easiest way to cut and sew the mattress cover is added to measure the height in the width measurement. For example, if your couch cushion has a height of 15.24 cm, just add this number to the number of width measurement. Add 2.54 cm to the width and length measurements for seam allowance.
  2. Cut the fabric according to the measurements taken in Step 1.
  3. Place the panels together, right sides facing. Sustain them with a pin.
  4. Turn less than 1.27 cm along the left edge and iron open. Turn less than 11.27 cm again and again board.
  5. Place your upholstered daybed mattress cover through the opening. Hold the opening closed and sew it carefully closing it with small, neat stitches.

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