How To Splice Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Wire

Stretch out the existent low voltage landscape lighting wire. Pulling apart the wires of each wire, so they are separated from each other for about 10 to 15 cm. Disconnect the cable to fit in the circuit. It ought to be of a similar estimate and structure. Cut a length that’s long enough so that if inserted between the trim portions of this thread you have enough wire to position your lights to get its destination. As in step 2, different the leads of the wire on the tape and ends around 2.5 cm of the insulation from the wires.

In every one of the conduits of this new part of low voltage landscape lighting wire, slipping on a 5 cm long piece of heat shrink tube. There’ll be a total of four bits two in each end of this new bit of wire. Twist together the new and old wiring to create a continuous amount of two-wire. At every session, then use a hot soldering iron, hot wire, and then applying solder before it flows into the joint. Remove and replicate.

Low voltage landscape lightingLow voltage landscape lighting systems are a terrific way to add accent lighting into your garden or yard. The systems will typically arrive with pre-cut spans of wire, which may limit your positioning of accent lighting.

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