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August 24, 2019 Throw Blanket

How to Sew a Satin Navy Throw Blanket

A good navy throw blanket always good to have around, especially in a room that is particularly drafts. The throw blankets can also add a touch of class and decorating a room when hung casually over a sofa or chair. A blanket shot just adds even more in this regard. Unfortunately, throw blankets can be quite expensive to buy in the shops. However, as long as you have the skills and basic sewing supplies, you can make your own blanket low shot for a fraction of the cost. In addition, you will be able to customize the way you need want.

Cut two pieces of satin and a piece of navy throw blanket that are each 1 yard for 2 yards. Place the two pieces of satin directly above each other sides, right sides together. Place the batting directly on top of the pieces of satin. Pin the three layers of fabric together around the edges. Sewing satin and batting together all around the edges, with the pins as you go. Leave an opening about 6 inches.

Using 6-inch opening, turn the blanket right side out. Pin and stitch closed opening hand, taking the pins as you go. Tuft navy throw blanket every 6 inches in width and length wise. To form a plume, pulling a piece of yarn through the three layers of the blanket, leaving a trail of thread 4 inches. Bring thread up through the three layers of fabric, leaving another tail 4 inches. Knot the thread ends together.

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