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January 4, 2020 Furnitures

How to Restore A Decor White Filing Cabinet Of 40

If you look in the decor white filing cabinet, as belonging to a module with several parts, of which we only this central piece, on the side of both sides, no molding. We are lucky; the piece had a crown on the back, so we’ve removed the molding and making the cut side of both sides leaving the decor white filing cabinet flush with the side molding.

Will disinfect decor white filing cabinet we conducted a test for it with turpentine and a white cloth and see that we remove wax, so we had to clean all the furniture wax first.  After fifteen days disinfection, proceed to recover the piece, the first thing is to unify the furniture with the same color as the piece in decor white filing cabinet, for this we have prepared a walnut stain with a little orange to get the honey Aged has the original wood

In this picture you see that resetting the decor white filing cabinet no color difference between the envelope and the rest of the piece. you can see restored the decor white filing cabinet with all the numbered drawers, the truth is that it gives more light to the cabinet.

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