How To Repairing Garage Door Cable

This will prevent someone from accidentally using the opener as you are working on the door. Put the ladder beside the door under the torsion spring. Put a winding bar in the hole on the side of the winding cone. The winding cone is the end of the garage door cable spring pointing toward the side of the door.

Replacement garage door cable is available at home improvement centers and door sealers. Assess the width and height of your door to obtain the correct cable. Close the door completely and use the door lock if the door is not already closed. Oftentimes, the cable breaks when the door is down. If your door works with a garage door opener, press the wall button to close the door. Place a ladder under the engine so you can reach the power cable. Disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet on the ceiling.

Garage Door Cable – Replacing a broken wire in a spring torsion garage door requires special tools and an understanding of how these doors work. Torsion springs lift the weight of the garage door. When the door is down, the springs are under extreme tension. Purchase a pair of 18-inch winding rods to work on the torsion springs. The winding bars are solid steel and fit into the spring winding cones perfectly. If you do not have winding rods, or you are not completely comfortable doing this repair, call a professional.

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