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How to Rebuild Couch Throw Pillows

Couch throw pillows – As you use a very dear in recent years couch throw pillows can sink and lose their spring. Well-worn couch throw pillows may seem weak and tired. You can reactivate your sofa with new cushions that can make it look new again. Measure and record the height, width and depth of sofa cushion covers. Add 1 inch to each dimension and cut upholstery foam to these specifications. The extra inch will prevent sagging in the sofa cushion. If you purchase your upholstery foam upholstery workshop, they can be cut to your specifications, or you can cut with a large knife with a serrated edge.

Cut two pieces of Dacron the shape and size of the top and bottom of the sofa cushion. Cut another piece of Dacron that will cover the top, front and bottom of the couch throw pillows. Spray the top of the sofa cushion spray adhesive and glue on a piece of Dacron. Paste the other small piece of Dacron to the bottom pad.

Spray the top and front pad and adhesive glue on the large sheet of Dacron, aligning the edge of Dacron with the back pad. Rotating the pad about glue down and the rest of Dacron in the bottom of the couch throw pillows. These layers of Dacron soften the edges of the foam cushion sofa will look smooth and uniform.

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