How to Produce an Outdoor Fire Chimney

Dig out the bottom of the outdoor fire chimney. If you would like to set the fireplace on a terrace surface, and therefore you will not have to dig out an area at the bottom of the fireplace. But for a pit on the ground, dig a set area, levelness is not essential. Build a base pad for the fireplace. . You do not want to ignite fires directly on the concrete of a patio, as this will damage concrete patio and a fireplace with a dirt floor is likely to grow damp and clammy during and immediately after rain. Barley pad by setting fire-safe stone into a square or rectangular shape in the dugout or within the concrete terrace.

Sid bricks as close together as possible, but do not use any mortar to piece the blocks together. Leaving the cracks between the stones allows rain water to drain out the bottom of the outdoor fire chimney place. Build up the walls of the outdoor fireplace by using mortars to pieces and put them into place. You can choose to shift the brick or stuck in straight lines, either way build walls up as far as you would like to create either a fire-pit outdoor fireplace or outdoor fire chimney. To build the latter, make sure that you leave an opening at the front to add and remove burn.

Outdoor  fire chimney – An outdoor fireplace is an important backyard fixture. The fireplace acts as outdoor heating for cool evenings or allows roasting hot dogs and marshmallows or grill and grilling. An outdoor fireplace can sit on a house and within a chimney to prevent fire or within an open-top fire-pit structure

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