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January 17, 2020 Furnitures

How to Prevent Couch Cushions

Complete and enhance your couch with cushions! Different designs ideas of couch cushions are optional depending on your personal taste and budget ability. If you just bought a new sofa, then you’re probably reveling with comfortable soft cushions, returning back to its original shape when you get up from your seat. However, without proper maintenance, your joy will be short lived. The cushions of the sofa tend to compress and flatten with time of use, and many of the most comfortable, such as the down materials, are most prone to this. To prevent the couch cushions crushing, you have to take some steps to take care of the downside before it becomes a problem and you are forced to fill the cushions.

Keep your pets away from the couch cushions. Pets not only spend hours lying in the same place, turning the pad on a “nest” in a seat, but also secrete body oils that damage the tissues and may seep into the filling and make flatten.

Sponge pads every day. Choose a pillow and hold it in the air. With the palm of your hand, hits the bottom and sides. Rota pads weekly. Move the couch cushions to receive not only one most of the pressure in your favorite place. If the cushions are fully interchangeable, then rotate them in positions of seat and backrest. If not, broken pads as much as possible.

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