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December 18, 2019 Furnitures

How to Paint Oak Kitchen Cabinets with Many Veins

Learn and follow the instructions in how to paint oak kitchen cabinets with many veins in our article. Easy to follow step by step is yours free of charge. Painting oak kitchen cabinets with many veins can be challenging due to the appearance of veins, which are often difficult to meet without them appearing. With the right tools and techniques, the grain of woods like oak cabinets can be covered to create a bright new look in your kitchen.

1. Remove all hardware from the cabinets and leave them aside. Covering exposed surfaces with newspapers to prevent the paint from dripping or overturning.

2. Put on goggles and gloves. Apply a coat of wood grain filler to the oak kitchen cabinets using a brush or garden spade according to product instructions. Clean excess with a towel and let the filler dry completely.

3. Sand lightly with fine sandpaper and remove dust or debris with a clean cloth.

4. Apply a coat of paint base cabinets. Let it dry completely.

5. Apply a coat of paint latex enamel cabinets. Let it dry. Applying another layer, if necessary.

6. Let the layer end of paint is thoroughly dry before repositioning all hardware oak kitchen cabinets.

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