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How to Build a Locker Dresser

August 26, 2019 Dresser

How to Make Wicker Dresser

Started the wicker dresser, arent all materials listed, then proceed, pasting two strips to eighteen centimeters away on the ends of the panel laminated fir. Then assembled a second panel laminated fir with the two largest pieces smaller, which will become the sides of the drawer , using the screws and positioning it to twelve centimeters above the ground.

joining another laminated, creating wicker dresser what then will be the floor of the drawer, the support just built with the four brackets screwed on the sides, after the distribution of the thickness of a layer of wood glue . Complete, then, the structure by positioning the shelf with the screws with the guides to fourteen centimeters away from the bearing plane and the last panel at a distance of twenty-five cm from the top and bottom shelf.

Constructed wicker dresser  by assembling the other two drawers for each of them the two pieces of plywood largest with the two pieces of plywood smaller for the sides. Repeat the process to place the front of each tray with the flap and the respective knobs. When the drawer will be built, refine it, passing several coats of flatting , waiting for it to dry well between coats, and then enter the drawers and baskets rectangular . All measurements of the pieces of stacked and offset are expressed in required.

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