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August 27, 2019 Throw Pillow

How to Make throw Pillow Patterns

Make a pretty throw pillow patterns that looks like a large flower. Cutting a paper pattern for flower petals that look like the diagram. You need a large petal pattern, which measures 4 inches on the bottom edge, 7 inches at the widest part and 6 inches high. You also need a little petal pattern, which measures 3 inches at the bottom, 6 inches at the widest part and 5 inches tall.

Cut an 8-inch circle and a 10-inch circle from coordinating chenille fabric. Sew an inverted pleat with pleat depth of 1 inch on the bottom edge of each petal. The curved part of the petals will be at the Centre of the fabric circle. Overlap petals to make throw pillow patterns them all fit evenly. Attach the large petals in the same way and sew around the outside edge again. Turn the pillow right side out and stuff the Center with fiberfill. Sew the opening closed with a small whip Stitches.

Use some of the beautiful tea towels readily available and to make a throw pillow patterns. Assemble two dishtowels, piping for edges and fiberfill for stuffing. Put a tea towel with the right side facing you. Adjust the pipes on the edge of the Tea towel with raw edges matching tubes and pin in place. Sew around the entire outer edge of the dishcloth attach the pipes. Place the second Tea towel over first with right side facing each other. The tubes are squeezed in the middle.

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