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American Girl Doll Trundle Bed

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How to Make a Trundle Bed with Simple

How to make a trundle bed – If you walked by City and saw some pallets waiting for garbage collection, you probably already guessed that this wood could be used. Most wooden pallets are used and discarded, but there are smart ways to rescue him. You can save, make up a guest room and feel good reducing their carbon production quota at the same time. To make a bed for guests or for the day-to-day, you need only two pallets and a mattress.

Look pallets in good condition. The woodused to build them is cheap, brittle, and full of knots, cracks and creases and sometimes can be impregnated with dirt, oil or cement. Avoid mess conducting a thorough search. How to make a trundle bed Select pallets that have uniforms and nearby tables made of solid wood and are not broken. Examine the pallets chosen seeking brands. Instructions, destinations and other information may seem exotic and elegant, so try to highlight the words and written symbols when setting up the bed.

Paint all the white platform or another color, give finishing with clear varnish or leave with the natural look. Purists will find the natural wood and unfinished is the correct way to use the pallet. Use your own sense of design and paint or not to match your decor. Stack some sheets on the wood if you are concerned with the barbs. Then how to make a trundle bed put a double mattress on pallets. To maintain a minimalist look, wrap the mattress with simple sheets and cover with a duvet and a pillow. Flowers, stripes and other patterns give a more refined look.

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