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October 24, 2019 Furnitures

How to Make a Standing Jewelry Box

Standing jewelry box is classy and you can make one by your own. We are giving you some instructions in how to DIY that easy and for sure on a budget. A standing jewelry box makes it easy to organize your jewelry and keep them safe rather than have them scattered everywhere.

  1. Choose two frames of wood the same size; these will form the body of standing jewelry box. Take the cardboard of each frame and set it aside for more lately.
  2. Frames placed on top, one another, such that the glass is placed on top and bottom. Measures approximately 3 inches on each side of the frame wood and mark it.
  3. Two hinges bolted to the lower frame. Place the other frame on top and make sure the two frames perfectly match each other; you must do this before bolting the hinges to the frame, in addition to mark where the screws will be inserted before screwing.
  4. Find the center of your box. This is where you will put the padlock. Use a ruler to measure the opposite hinge edge and mark this point.
  5. Performs the insert from the inside of the standing jewelry box. Using the cardboard comes with frames cut a work piece such as to adapt to the bottom of the box.
  6. Add a device security, this case will protect thieves. Device security is often accompanied by an alarm that will sound if someone tries to open the box.

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