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September 12, 2019 Furnitures

How to Make a Make Shift Small Vanity Table

In how to complete a bedroom, small vanity table can make a fine one. Different designs and ideas are optional depending on your personal taste and budget. One of the things that eased my life was to create a place to get ready. Have a corner to leave all the makeup and crap beauty makes all the difference, no one deserves to be carrying the makeup to the bathroom mirror, you know? Hahaha! Of course I wanted to buy a vanity vintage style, those wonderful that people see on Tumbler, but lacked $$$.

So I improvised a dressing using what I already had and buying some new things. I have already shown my makeshift small vanity table old here on the blog. Any day I make a new post to update as I changed the furniture. 🙂

Any mobile as desks, dressers, sideboards and tables can become a dressing table, so I separated a few suggestions:

I am biased because I love white furniture. To me any kind of mobile is more beautiful than white, so that my entire room is white: walls and furniture (lock white!). A table or computer desk is perfect for turning on the dresser.

After that you will need a mirror…!

If you have a small vanity table or table and a mirror, all ready, dressing practically ready to help in time to do her makeup is nice if you also have a light fixture to improve:

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