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How To Keep Garage Door Exhaust Fan

Open the garage door exhaust fan and windows during non-humid or rain-free days for outdoor air circulation. Set a dehumidifier inside the garage and make it possible to run continuously until the water stops filling the drain pan. Run dehumidifier two to three days a week afterwards to keep the humidity low inside the garage.

Garage door exhaust fan – Humidity within a block garage can create mold and mildew, resulting in health issues, the mold spreads throughout the room. Humidity seeps into the garage from the outside air as it filters through open windows or doors. A rainy day or a hot, humid atmosphere both contribute to sticky conditions inside the garage. To keep moisture out of a block garage involves the use of certain products and techniques.

Remove standing water from the garage floor with a wet / dry vacuum cleaner. Water back on garage floors after washing a car or cleaning tools add to the humidity in the area. Place extensions on downspouts located near the garage door exhaust fan. The extensions carry rainwater further from the garage to keep it from seeping through the block to the interior space. Look for collecting water around the outside base of the blocks after a rainstorm. A proper quality with 2 percent diagonally from the foundation of 10 feet keep water from corrosion block.

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