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How to Display Photo Frames on a Hallway Table

Showing photos of loved ones is an inventive method for keeping up your association with those near you. Show photo frames on a hallway table to incorporate your friends and family in your adornment.


Select an odd number of photos in an assortment of sizes, extending from 2 inches by 3 inches to 5 inches by 7 inches.

Put each one photo into a casing. Use frames in a mixed bag of styles, from elaborate to straightforward. Pick a mixture of metal, glass and wood frames for an intriguing and convincing presentation.

Place the light or the vase – whichever is taller – in a corner on the table. This will demonstration as the stay for the course of action.

Set the shorter of the two items close to the inverse end of the hallway table, to counterbalance the tallness of the stay.

Add the encircled photos to fill in the remaining space on the table. Strive for a satisfying and uncluttered impact.

Place a little knick-knack or trinket on the hallway table if there is a vast space that needs filling. Be that as it may, recall that “toning it down would be best.” Allow little spaces to stay vacant to attain a basic, uncluttered look.

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