How to Decorate with Knit Throw Blanket

Top Knit Throw Blanket

Knit throw blanket working double duty as home decor and items to snuggle under while reading or watching TV. These practical blankets are available in a variety of materials such as chenille, woven organic cotton, cashmere, synthetic leather, wool, silk and wool. Choose a fabric, pattern and color to coordinate with the overall look of the room. A knit throw blanket adds instant color to sofa neutral tones.

Select a knit throw blanket in one color, pattern and material to match the decor a . Choose a blanket with drawings or colors to enhance a sofa or bed covered plain. Place a blanket pattern black and white zebra on a couch all white or black to add an exotic touch. Organize a turquoise or sunny yellow blanket in a white or tan quilt in a bedroom to add dynamism to the space.

Place a decorative throw blanket on top of a couch or love seat and let it hang over the front and back. Fold a large width before draped over furniture to create a streamlined blanket. Set blanket in the foot of a bed to add visual interest and keep handy during the cold nights. Fold a large width before placing it in the end of the bed blanket. Garnish with a festive, seasonal knit throw blanket knit throw blanket to celebrate a holiday or special time of year. Decorate a sofa with a blanket whimsical snowman-patterned during winter or a spooky witch and ghost-printed blanket for Halloween. Turn decorative blankets throughout the year.

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