How to Decorate Wicker Baskets

Wicker Chest Storage Basket

Simple wicker baskets can definitely be made exquisite in featuring elegant storage. Easy to do it yourself will be just interesting to share with family members. Use hot glue gun to attach the decorations wicker baskets. Use dried flowers, plastic gems with flat back, wall and small wood designs. Adhere small candy canes to celebrate Christmas basket and red foam rubber hearts and roses for Valentine’s Day.

Decorate the wicker baskets with glass beads. Slide a florist wire through any measure account and rotate around the woven basket. Choose colored beads that match the decorating style or theme. Subject charms in shades of gold and silver in place of or in addition to these accounts.

Wicker basket lined with a cloth or decorative paper. Use a cloth napkin or blue can also be green, pink, yellow cake, to create a basket of Easter. Use a red bandana to design a rustic basket with Inspirational.

Fill the basket with gift or decorative objects. Choose seashells and sand dollars for a basket with sea theme. Garnish with pine cones and sprigs of red berries for a basket inspired by winter. Add a splash of color to the room with a basket full of lemons and limes. Fill with gourmet food or bath care products like lotions.Tie a ribbon around the handle of the basket. Combine the tape with the backing of the same or decorations.

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