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September 21, 2019 Basement

How to Decorate Basement Bar Ideas

Basement Bar Ideas – Imagine if your favorite bar was right in your own basement. Whether you want a place to watch sports or a sophisticated wine bar, it’s important to choose a theme or style of bar so you can decorate afterwards. In the end, the furnishings can even pay for the money saved from going out less.


Select a theme. If your Basement Bar Ideas is the place where everyone will watch sports, make it a sports theme. If you have a great wine collection and your friends come across for wine tasting, go with a wine theme. Add appliances and electronics. Devices commonly used in a home bar include mixer and microwave for snacks. A small wine cooler can be placed on the counter. For a sports-themed bar, place a flat-screen TV on the wall next to or behind the bar. Radio or stereo system is a good complement if you are in your songs.

Decorate with drinks and glasses. If you have nice bottles of expensive spirits, mark them on a shelf behind the bar. Keep your praised bottles of wine in a chiller or on a stand. For an English pub feel, use a built-in barrel fridge under the Basement Bar Ideas with beer tower on top of the bar to disperse the beer. The beer turrets have an authentic pub look and provide easy access to the draft beer. Place wine or beer glasses on a shelf for viewing.

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