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December 3, 2019 Furnitures

How to Control the Cat Hidden Litter Box

Loving your cats is related to everything about them including the litter. Hidden litter box can definitely become a unique piece of home feature in design. Kittens are adorable creatures, but their hygiene habits may leave much to be desired. Here are some important tips to keep a hidden litter box of sand or sawdust cat in your home.


  1. Determine the best place in the home for the cat box. The sinks or entries often work well, but be careful to place the hidden litter box in a small space.
  2. Buy pebbles instead of sand or sawdust: is the most effective odor control. Buy baking soda or powder to control the smell of the cat box.
  3. Spray the empty box with a mild disinfectant or bleach spray.
  4. Cat picks up dirt and put it in a bag immediately after you have used the hidden litter box. If you cannot watch him all day, pick a time to check the box regularly.
  5. Ten matches in a safe place near the cat box. Once you’ve collected, lights a match and blow it. The combination of smoke and baking help control odors caustic short term and long term rancid smell.
  6. Add a few cups of new stones in the box once you’ve removed the main stacks. How did you not put a lot to begin (See step three) will be easy to add material without overflowing the box.

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