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How to Chenille Throw Blankets

Chenille throw blankets – Usually made of cotton, silk, wool or silk chenille consists of small fibers wrapped around the main thread to create a textured surface that is soft and smooth. Incorrect wash chenille throw blanket and wear these threads, causing a lose feel of chenille. While you can throw some of the washing machine cycle soft chenille, the other should be dry or hand washed only. Read the care label on your task to determine which method you should use. In case of doubt, or if the tag is missing, choose one hand wash cold water.

Braid each fringe on your task, in order to avoid tangling. Chenille throw blankets in the washing machine wash delicate cycle using mild detergent If you wash your other items and with the throw, placing in review before washing to prevent shedding and chenille threads stuck on other items in the washing machine. Throw a wash in cold water. It in the dryer on low heat or hang dry on a clothesline outside setting, or through Board Rails.

Fill the bathtub with cold water and mild detergent for washing your hands. A place to chenille throw blankets into the water and gently squeeze the water and washing detergent through it. Avoid rubbing one part of throwing the other to minimize friction. Rinse the throws chenille and print out the water, as well as you gently wrap. Line dry or dry on low heat setting throws

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