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December 16, 2019 Furnitures

How To Change Color Of Cultured Marble Vanity Tops

Cultured marble vanity tops look simple but you can make them more attractive by changing the colors. Browse and learn from our pictures on the gallery. A cultured marble counter top gives your kitchen or bathroom the simple elegance reminiscent of organic marble with greater practicality. The cultured  are a mixture of ground limestone and resin fiberglass . Unlike natural marble, cultured marble is completely waterproof, strong and very difficult to splinter.


  1. Dampen a soft cloth with warm distilled water and pass gently on the surface of cultured marble vanity tops. Then pass a dry cloth. Allow the surface to dry completely.
  2. Place a sheet of 150 grit sandpaper on an electric sander and pass across the surface of the cultured marble. Clean marble vanity tops with a tack cloth to remove sanding dust.
  3. Spray paint the marble that is compatible with the surfaces of cultured marble vanity tops. Select the ringtone you want. Make even strokes and uniform spray can, making sure not to saturate some areas more than others. Let the paint dry and then do a second coat.

Pour a few inches of polymer resin in a container of paint roller. Dip the paint roller in the resin and apply it to your counter tops, using a paint roller. This paint will seal properly


Cultured marble isn’t just a word found quite frequently. But, it’s an item that lots of homeowners select your own restroom dressing table. Surprisinglya lot of homeowners that want to know more about granite countertops or vanity shirts regularly decide on cultured marble to get its own versatility in shapes and styles.
Prior to starting leap to earn a determination for what stuff to select for the vanity shirt, it’s crucial that you simply just will find all that was to understand about cultured marble. You want to understand very well what it really is and the way that it’s manufactured, and to what shades and variations are readily available. Additionally, you also ought to know about exactly what it requires to completely wash and gloss stainless steel.

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