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August 26, 2019 Furnitures

How to Build Slipper Chair in High Heel

Slipper chair can be built by yourself in how to make a uniquely better home furniture at high quality. We are giving you some ideas in how to DIY the design. Fantastically soft and kitsch, high heel chair is the perfect addition to any fashion vanity. With some carpentry skills and a bit of courage to do things yourself, this slipper chair can easily be built in a weekend.


  1. Turn the planter tub; this will serve for the seat of the slipper chair. Measure a line 45 degrees leaning back and draw the line on both sides of the planter.
  2. Cut the angle on the planter with the handsaw. Try the plywood board is tight against the angle.
  3. Place the timber in place and nail it to the planter using the nail gun. Use the same amount of nails on each side to ensure that the support is securely attached to the seat.
  4. Turn back the slipper chair, as if you were to sit on it. Now it will be seen as part of the foot of a high heel shoe without the heel.
  5. Cut the first angle using the handsaw. This is the hardest part of doing well, and it is advisable to measure twice and cut a small -Making adjustments if once you have cut the initial angle necessary.
  6. ┬áThen place the pole 44 by 12 inches (110 by 30 cm) below the “heel” of the shoe and stick it in place using the nail gun.

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