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September 6, 2019 Furnitures

How to Build an Ottoman Trays

Ottoman trays serve space to store small items. This Ottoman design can do wonderful as coffee and cocktail table. Well, building one is also great. Ottoman trays may be built with materials you as of now have around the house or they can be fabricated without any preparation with crude materials.

1.Use sandpaper to sand the two 1-by-2-by-18 creep, two 1-by-2-by-14 inch and three 1-by-4-by-18 wooden sheets until all sides and edges are smooth.

2.Make an edge ottoman trays by turning the two 1-by-2-by-18 inch wooden sheets and the two 1-by-2-by-14 wooden sheets on their sides. Utilize a mallet to nail the corners of the sheets.

3.Lay the three 1-by-4-by-18 inch wooden sheets level and vertical, so each one board is touching each other. Utilizing a mallet, nail the outside of the edge into the closures and the sides of the level, vertical sheets.

4.Utilize a paintbrush to stain or paint the tray and permit the tray to dry overnight. Spread the whole tray with matte completion sealer.

5.Make handles ottoman trays with twine by boring two gaps on either end of the tray. Use scissors to cut the length of the twine, as craved. String each one end of the twine into one opening and tie a bunch at the end to make a circled handle. Proceed with the methodology with the other penetrated gap.

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