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September 15, 2019 Nightstands

How to Build a Narrow Nightstand

For make a narrow nightstand i used the boards of laminated solid fir, those that are commonly found in brick: Some of the tables that I used I got them at the factory and are virtually waste, then have some imperfections that I tried to mask; I also bought too early and you are slightly curved but I managed to use them equally.

After this long preamble let’s work:

As the Captain in his article on the CD rack, I read too late, it always pays to be a little project to get ideas thread clearer when working even during construction are possible changes. The most important changes with respect to the project are the overall height (when I did the design I had not measured the other narrow nightstand but I was based on the lumber I had available) and the bottom of the drawer, also by 0.4 cm.

We continue make a narrow nightstand with the first issue or cutting boards … I recommend you do before the project and then buy with the size more just possible to avoid this kind of problem. Take then the measure, taking a small margin and with a good team, we draw the line cut … hoping that the tables are square but not always true despite are produced industrially by machine.

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