How to Build a Coffee Table with Stools

coffee table with stools image

How to Build a Coffee Table with Stools?


1. Accumulate two or more wooden stools to use as the base for your foot stool.

2. To make a wide or square foot stool, mastermind four stools in two lines of two to structure a square shape.

3. Check the straightness of the stools by laying a measuring stick or bit of scrap wood against the side of the stools and make any fundamental changes until the edges of the greater part of the coffee table with stools touch the measuring stick in the same spot.

4. Measure and lay the consolidated length and width of the stools and cut two bits of 1-by-2-inch timber to size for the length and two bits of the same estimations for the width.

5. Select a table top for your foot stool. In the event that fundamental, trim the table top to size utilizing a table saw.

6. Lay the table top level on the ground, upside down, and position the stool outline upside down on top of it.

7. Drive 3-inch wood screws through the 1-by-2-inch outline into the underside of the table top to secure it set up.

8. Paint or stain your table top as you yearning to finish the look coffee table with stools.

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