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How To Paint Your Garage Floor

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October 7, 2019 Garage Floor Paint

How To Apply A Black Garage Floor Paint

While it may be something more difficult to control, depending on your garage and climate, floor temperature is another important factor to consider when painting your garage floor with black garage floor paint. A cold surface will not allow the paint to adhere to it as well as a warmer surface. Air temperature and floor temperature are not always the same. Try to paint your garage floor during warmer seasons, or at warmer times of the day. If you must do it on a cool or cold day then be sure to preheat the floor by using a space heater.

How To Apply A Black Garage Floor PaintBlack garage floor paint is a great way to turn an old dingy garage floor into a nice, clean work surface or to keep your new floor in top condition. The problem that most do it yourself painters runs into is that a garage floor is hardly the ideal surface for painting. It is often a messy, oily, smooth, cold surface that will quickly lead to paint chipping and peeling problems. In fact, most painters will tell you that for the best results, you should spend about 75% of your time prepping the surface and 25% actually applying the paint. Begin your process by using the ideal kind of paint. Don’t forget to choose a paint that is specifically designed for garage floors, or at least intended for use on concrete.

Follow all directions carefully. Your chosen black garage floor paint will include instructions from the manufacturer for how to prepare the surface and apply the paint. If you want a good, professional looking paint job, don’t forget to follow the steps outlined on the product carefully. Typical paint instructions will tell you to prepare the surface by cleaning it thoroughly. This includes sweeping, vacuuming, and completely removing all grease and oil from the surface. Do not skip this step! Paint will not bond to an oily surface, and it is a sure way to guarantee that your new paint job has a short lifespan. Start this process by using a degreaser and scrubbing with a stiff broom or brush. Rinse well with water and then let dry.

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