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September 4, 2019 Lumbar Pillow

How Lumbar Support Design Dining Chairs

Lumbar pillow covers – Adequate lumbar support for your dining chairs can be designed at home. A lumbar pillow made from a rolled towel provides back support to maintain the natural curve of the spine. Choose fabric cover that matches your decor. His lumbar pillow help eliminate pain and fatigue commonly caused by improper support while sitting behind. This portable design can be easily adjusted and is useful in any chair.

Make a decorative lumbar pillow covers, Lay fabric on a flat solid surface side face down. Measure 10 inches from the right and double edge toward the center of the fabric. It measures 10 inches from the left side and make the same fold. When folded, the web now measures 16 inches by 36 inches. Place the towel roll on the canvas, centered 3 inches above the bottom edge. The lower edge now measures 16 centimeters due to the folds.

Wind the towel on the web. When it is 3 inches from the end, fold the fabric inside to hide the rough edges. Temporarily tape the edge of the fabric in the same way you recorded the towel so they do not unroll. Remove the tape later, once he finished the pillowcase. Collect the fabric on the right side of the roller between the end of the towel and the fabric edge. Hold the fabric gathered into place with a rubber band. Repeat this step on the left side of the roll and hold the fabric gathered at the second place with rubber band. Tie the ribbon around each rubber band and finished with a simple bow lumbar pillow covers.

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