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September 23, 2019 Basement

Having Good Basement Toilet

If you want to create a toilet in the back of the house where there is no evacuation system nearby, here is how to connect it. Establish the site for basement toilet to be installed; making sure that it has good ventilation, lighting and an independent space, to give privacy. With compacted plasterboard (durlock) you can create a whole room in a corner of the attic, basement, and pergola or wherever you want.

You must procure a water installation, for which we will use PVC pipes in thermo fusion, which can be placed outside the work, painted or covered by protection, and install them yourself renting the clamp to make the joints and the saw for the cuts . You will also need the basement toilet ceramic, and a standing or whichever toilet, if you are going to place one (which is always convenient). Finally, you will need to acquire the star piece: an electric functioning crusher pump.

Fix the ceramic pieces to the floor by means of suitable screws and sealant, making sure they do not move from their place. When placing the basement toilet, be sure to leave enough wall space to place the crusher pump on the floor. You can create behind a small raised platform to put the pump, which will facilitate the cleaning of the floor of the area.

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