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September 20, 2019 Basement

Great Basement Window Options to Consider

Basement Window – There are many types of basement windows, and although they are usually small in size, they do more than just let in light and add to the aesthetics of a basement. Because the basement windows are often at ground level, they are more susceptible to the elements. Therefore, no matter what type of window you choose, make sure that the windows seal hermetically to protect them from water; they are well insulated to prevent cold air from entering the home and are sturdy to prevent theft.

The awning window is a type of traditional basement window that is still popular. This window is generally rectangular, hinge on the top and opening to the outside. Awning windows are available in many different materials that suit any basement style. Wood is the most popular material, but aluminum, steel, vinyl, and nylon are available, too. Vinyl is the easiest to maintain and cheaper than wood.

A sliding window slide opens horizontally, as opposed to the most common window that slides vertically open. A sliding window is convenient and easy to operate, making it a good choice for window space that is difficult to reach. Like most basement windows, the sliding window is rectangular in shape. You can buy this basement window in many different colors, styles, and materials. It is done in single, double and triple styles equipped to fit almost any length of the window. The variety of grill options available allows you to adapt the look of the window to the basement style.


Basement window measurements have a tendency to alter. That isn’t any uniform standard-size even though you can find some quite common kinds. The ideal solution will be always to receive yourself a window that’s custom sized on your own opening, making certain that an atmosphere tight match. You can grab stock dimensions in the community bigbox or timber lawn but might need to re design the framework to suit the market measurement.

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