Garage Storage Shelves Design

If you have a lot of power tools in your garage and are concerned about theft, combine your need for security with the need to organize by locking it up. Purchasing old school lockers or new square locker models from a store and use them in your garage. You can get units that come with locks already installed or purchase padlocks. Save your tools or other important elements in them when you are away, to add an extra measure of security to garage storage.

Storage shelf wall systems come in a variety of formats, from basic track shelving units that hangs over the rafters or on hooks. A relatively inexpensive solution, you can buy a lot or just a couple of wall shelves in various sizes to fill-in spots on your garage wall, which does not provide a function.

Garage storage – If your garage is looking a bit messy, adding storage shelves in a well-planned design can help you organize the space. Remember to design your garage shelves with your life in mind. When planning zone at your place. Make a list of everything you need for a space for including tools, sports equipment, holiday decorations and other storage items. Then select a zone in your plan for each one. The zone you label shall keep all the elements of this type in your garage. Keep zone type in mind as you plan shelves, hooks or other organizational elements for this area.

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