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October 12, 2019 Garage

Garage Floor Coating Ideas

Garage Floor Coating – About water pearls when you pour a little on it, there is a coating or grease on it. Try to see how well the previous coating tied to the floor by making an X-shaped cut through the coating. If pieces of coating have been stuck for more than 10 percent of the tape, the coating is no longer glued well and should be removed. Test for moisture by tapping a small piece of landscape plastic in the floor with tape. Most coatings are not recommended for floors that contain moisture.

Prepare Floor

If there is grease or oil on parts of the Garage Floor Coating, wash it with a detergent intended for this purpose and try it again. Wash it again if the water still pearls in the areas where the fat was present. To remove an incorrect joining, use an industrial floor scraper. Read the instructions that come with coating to see if an acid seal is necessary. Getting the Floor clean and well prepared is the most important step. Do not jump over any part of it if you want a quality score.

Choose the best option

Garage Floor Coating can have for options. The cheapest is latex floor paint. One disadvantage of this option is that it can be less durable, but you can increase the durability. Concrete stains are a slightly more expensive option. These are absorbed in the concrete and, like wood stains, leave stains and textures on the floor through. A painted floor needs an acrylic paint to protect it, but it may not make it sufficiently durable. The next expensive choice is epoxy color. These are often sold in a kit that also contains chemicals to prep the floor.

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