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October 6, 2019 Garage

Garage Door Screen Installation Guide

Garage Door Screen – For many homeowners, a garage is not just housing for a vehicle. It can be a workshop, pantry, storage area or a place to grill meat during a summer storm. However, an open garage door, a necessity for ventilation and natural light, also admits errors, rain, and dust. Garage door screens have the elements in the bay and come in a variety of colors.

They are bulky, but simple to make, using a sewing machine capable of heavy canvas work, patience, and an occasional hand. Measure the height and width of the garage door screen opening carefully, and add 4 inches to both dimensions. The additional fabric allows cutting or folding while joining. A garage for two cars could require 18.3 feet by 7.3 feet of compensation and 50 feet of the union. Apply 2-inch binding cloth (4 inches, turned and folded) around the three edges the top and on both sides of the mosquito cloth.

Push the joint so that the edge of the mosquito cloth rests on the seam of the joint, and sew the joint along the edges, ending the corners on either side. Add the bottom joining part, leaving it open at each end so a piece of the duct can be pushed in weight to provide the bottom. Sew garage door screen strips on the tie side of self-adhesive sturdy support tape along the top and sides of one side of the joint.

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