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October 2, 2019 Planter Box Ideas

Fresh Indoor Planter Box Ideas

Place your plants on a shelf.Indoor planter box ideas perfectly suited for a bookcase unit and can give your plants to a higher level. Use a drip tray under the planter box and place the entire unit on top of a free-standing bookcase or on a library bookshelf to show living flowering or vining plants. Low-growing or hanging ivies work well for a bookcase.

Indoor planter box ideas – Inside planter boxes come in all different styles and materials, and can add a great deal of decorative interest to an area in your home.

Warm up one hall with live plants. Apartment foyers can especially benefit from a patio indoor and planter boxes create a living border, greets guest and carries them into the other room. Plant a number of full upward growing of plants to create a yard look like indoors. House of an herb garden in the kitchen. Narrow can sit nicely on a countertop or kitchen island and provides a convenient place to grow thyme, basil, oregano or chives.

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