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August 23, 2019 Kitchen Design Ideas

Free Standing Kitchen Pantry Suggestions

Free standing kitchen pantry is one of the simplest and easiest way to organize all of your cooking storage, food supplies, or other kitchen stuff related.  This way you can easily redecorate your kitchen if yuar bored with moving the pantry to another corner. Or maybe you could refinish or reface it if you want an upgrade to your kitchen. I think there is a lot of advantages then the disadvantages of having a free standing kitchen pantry. If i could suggest you could even had it with a glass pantry door. So you can see all the stuff you put there and by this way the kitchen will also feel more spacious.

But i know the common free standing kitchen pantry is had a wooden door that aren’t able to see through. This is related to the habit that we usually put all the stuff without organizing it. I guess it’s probably because we just keep storing stuff there but too lazy to keep it tidy. But if you think again with a lot of stuff there and unorganized it will make you harder to find the stuff that you needed. So, the glass pantry door, beside it will making a spacious kitchen, will urge you to keep it organize. All the stuff that you think you wouldn’t needed anymore will be get rid off, all the expired stuff will be noticed and you should throw it away. And the best part about an organize pantry is you now exactly where all the stuff is.

That is my suggestion. But if you feel comfort to use a common free standing kitchen pantry then there is nothing wrong with it. As long as you try to keep it neat and tidy. I believe that the way you organize things in your house reflects the way you organize your mind. So, in my opinion the neater is the better.

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