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Elephant Throw Pillow Design

Elephant throw pillow – An elephant is an intelligent animal whose shape and attractive distinctive huge trunk can be replicated in textiles, From the sacred images of stuffed animals, pachyderms unlimited palette can go through the curtains with elephant image, walls, floors and sofa with elephant throw pillow, embellish lampshades, elephant throw pillow and decorative screens, delight residents nursery and shower blessings in their home.

Elephant Cloth to elephant throw pillow, Elephants offer adaptive images that appear in textile design in all cultures. A pair of silk elephant throw pillow French could fuel a modern pale gray linen sofa or toast in the living room. Elephant throw pillow made of heavy silk scarves has vivid red, purple, yellow, green and other vibrant colors and elephants have trunks almost always in the fortunate position. Casual wool carpets from India show elephants in pink, orange, blue and purple on colored backgrounds bone function as carpets night in the rooms or accent rugs for children in a hallway. Elephant print or applique quilts are stylized reprinting or almost monochrome realistic illustrations that command a bed surrounded by grass covered mint fabric or painted walls.

In addition to elephant throw pillow, Elephant in the House to A carved wooden elephant ivory or imitation is a graceful statue to a side table or bookshelf – even more interesting if it was collected in his travels. Line a trio of sculptures of elephants, graduate from high to low, on a dresser in a painted elephant skin color dining. A bronze elephant shines amid containers of colorful spices on a shelf in the kitchen.

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