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September 7, 2019 Furnitures

Durability of Secretary Desk Modern

The secretary desk modern is used as a desk with small drawers for storing papers and writing utensils some furniture, characterized by the possibility of closing, hiding objects that hosts either through a folding board or by a roller blind. Until recently, used to be designed in style classic and / or vintage with wood finish or lacquered in white (the latter with a touch very Shabby Chic). However, with the advent of modern design, we can see the progress of this piece of furniture with a wide variety of shapes, colors and formats.

In secretary desk modern, the imagination of designers is triggered, offering a wide range of possibilities secretary forms that vary by as much as by the use of materials more modern, such as metal or legs and plastic board and drawers. Their shapes vary between modules of straight lines and rounded corners. As for colors, we find from the neutral tones or the material itself to colorful, and St. for legs, for inside the desktop and the entire structure. Endless possibilities for everyone.

In classic style are the desks that will delight those who love the Shabby Chic, the cozy and charming environments and for who don’t love secretary desk modern. And they are so prized because it is a cabinet with several compartments and drawers that, depending on the type, have more or less height and thus can also accommodate a shallow shelf. In the secretary of this style is characteristic design of the legs in cabriolet or tornado with different moldings, as well as having worked in some detail drawers (such as the handle) or with panels of concave and convex shapes. Definitely a very typical of this style of furniture decoration.

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